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For a completely unique style of play, Pacific Ace is your northwest installer of clay courts, whether you’re installing a new court, surfacing, or “top dressing” and re-striping. Pacific Ace uses HAR-TRU products, the best in clay courts.

HAR-TRU® is made from billion year old, Pre-Cambrian metabasalt found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a natural green stone, which is extremely hard and angular, two very important qualities when it comes to tennis court construction. The angularity helps the stone particles lock together to form a stable playing surface. The hardness means exceptional durability. The natural green color is classically clay and instantly recognizable.

The stone is crushed, screened and mixed in the precise proportions necessary to produce a stable playing surface. It is then installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate to produce the final product.


Pacific Ace also offers the finest in synthetic grass court construction. Ask about our different options that will dramatically increase the cushion and change the style of your tennis game.

Nova’Pro XP synthetic grass surfaces combine the advantages of all- weather, clay, and natural grass tennis court surfaces to provide an ideal cushioned tennis court. Nova’Pro XP systems are aesthetically pleasing, require little maintenance and can be used continuously, just like an all weather court. They also have proven user-friendly qualities such as optimum turn, slide, foot release characteristics, superior traction and some of the best force reduction properties for tennis playing surfaces.

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